Presenting An Unconventional Conference

The Play Day Summit

Serious speakers know how to play together.

Join us for this exclusive, one-day event and play your way to becoming a better speaker.

🥱 Most conferences are painfully boring

...and yet still very expensive 💰😱

In a world of smart-person-on-stage-lectures-for-an-hour, we wanted to do something fun, educational, and real, specifically for speakers.So, we created a playfully serious gathering designed for speakers, both seasoned and brand new.It’s structured, but unscripted. It’s light-hearted and fun, but every attendee is challenged to pull their biggest ideas out of hiding.In this full-day event, we are bringing together established and aspiring professional speakers for a chance to learn, to play, and to dream BIG.We’re going to put new and seasoned speakers into a totally unique environment, so they can see that, not only are they not alone, but they have an abundance of support from the NSA community to think bigger, dream larger, and have a safe space to play with their most ambitious ideas.

Try to imagine an event that is...

Instantly familiar but still unlike anything you've ever attended.

Imagine the combination of networking and an educational event.Imagine that the networking is designed for introverts and extroverts alike and crafted to form deep connections rather than surface level small talk.Imagine that the educational part skips the experts and the lectures, and instead invites everyone to do both the learning and the teaching.The purpose of the Play Day Summit is to ensure that every speaker walks away understanding two very important ideas:

1) You are not alone2) You have an even bigger idea inside of you, waiting to get out

Aside from feeling like it is you against the world in a battle for gigs, one of the lonelier parts of being a speaker, is working through your big idea by yourself. What tends to make matters worse, is trying to overcome all of the doubts in your own head. You know the ones: They tell you your idea is too big, too risky, and that you should stick to playing it safe. These are the ideas you dream about but wouldn't dream to actually pitch.So, how do we get people to feel less alone, and to dream bigger, all while having fun and making new friends with other speakers?Let's meet your hosts for the day, or skip ahead to the agenda.

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Jeff Harry

Chief Big Kid

As the Founder of Rediscover Your Play, Jeff has spent his career healing workplaces through positive psychology & play.


Jeff Gibbard

A Real-Life Superhero

Jeff always wanted to be a superhero, now he helps people unlock their greatness and use their powers to make the world a better place.


Lauren Yee

The Curiosity Detective

Knows how to adult like a kid. The thoughtful combination of adult wisdom and insight, with the playfulness of a kid.


Sarah Ohanesian

NSA Philadelphia President-Elect

You know what's really productive? Using your position as NSA Chapter President-Elect to create the coolest event you've ever attended.Sarah is a professional speaker, productivity consultant, incoming NSA chapter President, and collector of classy shoes.

Dr. James Smith, Jr.

The Authentic Avenger

Count on current NSA Philadelphia President and dynamic professional speaker Dr. James Smith to be unapologetically real.Dr. James helps elevate the level of any event he is part of. We're lucky to have him helping us craft this event.

Event Agenda

Saturday, April 20, 2024
8:00am - 4:00pm

Here's what to expect...

8:00a -9:00aRegistrationGet a nametag, meet the welcome committee, and have a bite to eat.
9:00a - 10:00aThe Pre-ConferenceA structured, but unscripted, welcome event.
10:00a -12:00pPlay @ Work: Part 1Cultivate curiosity, explore passion, and pull your biggest ideas out of hiding.
12:00p - 1:00pLunchIt's the sort of thing where you eat food.
1:30p - 3:00pPlay @ Work: Part 2Raising the stakes and exploring BIG ideas.
3:00p - 4:00pThe After-ConferenceSeriously? What's the best part of any conference?
The after-conference, of course.
We'll have closing activities, and lots of great conversations.

Our Promise To You

1. This will be a safe space, and we will fiercely protect it. This event only works if you feel free to be vulnerable, try new things, and give yourself fully to the event. That requires 100% safety and 0% judgements. We promise to create and guard that.2. We have and will continue to put our hearts into making this event fun, valuable, unique, and memorable.3. You will walk away with new ideas, new confidence, and feeling more connected to your community of professional speakers. We're all in this together, and how we use the privilege of the stage is what binds all of us to something bigger.

The Playday Summit

A Super Impactful Event

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